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Happy New Years! ^_^

It's still the first here so Happy New Years!

I was hoping I wouldn't have to delay the fic any longer but something came up.  I'm moving! I'll have my  own apartment so it'll take some time to get situated.  Patience please.  I'm working on it but I have to make sure I'm ready before the semester starts.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and that this year is better than last 2009.

<3 黒姫


The New Year is Almost Here

We're only days away. It feels strange when the new year comes because it only takes a second past midnight to be living in the new year.  Sometimes I feel like time's elapsing slowly but once it's a new year it feels like it went by too fast.  This month has gone by too fast as well. I guess going to work has helped that.  During the holidays work has been slow so the hours feel like molasses but I haven't had a proper vacation.  I got this Friday off and then had the weekend so it's been 3 days without work.  I got the Iljimae drama DVD set for Christmas! I gave it to myself I started watching it Friday night and I finished watching it a few hours ago. I already saw it when it was out online but I just wanted to see it on the big TV while comfortably sitting on the couch.  I didn't think I would get to be cause I thought my dad wouldn't let me since he watches movies and the news but he liked it and we ended having an Iljimae marathon all 5 of us for several hour straight.  I felt like my vacation was really long even though they say time goes by fast when you're enjoying it.  I'm now ready to go back to work Monday morning. ^_^

I will officially start working on the fic.  I haven't come up with a title yet.  I hope I can figure out what to name it soon because like I said, the New Year's almost here and I should try to speed things up.  I need to make a banner.  Now to figure out my new software.  The new semester will be aproaching soon.  Maybe it was the holiday shopping that made it seem like I had no time for anything because it was flying by quickly.  I hope it slows down a bit so that I can do other things before school becomes something I have to worry about.

If I don't say it in a few days then Happy New Years. ^_^

Hey Everyone!

Been real busy lately. The semester was over for me the 14th but I"m still swamped and although I would like to find some time to study on my own, it's not happening right now. I'm working full time and then I go run some errands and did my Christmas shopping. By the time I usually get home I'm already tired. I need to get on with that sequel and I work on the writing during my lunch break and breaks (if I remember to take them). Those who have been waiting, thanx for doing so patiently. I will strive to get it up by New Years if not, around that time.

Happy Holidays! ^_^


That's pretty much it. XDDD I got off work early and was leaving when they announced that it was optional but that we could stay for 4:30 if we wanted to. Well, I was planning to leave for an eye doctor appointment but they canceled on me too...

It's Snowing!!!


Happy Thanxgiving Everyone!!!!!

Hey guys, it's been a while. I've been busy lately. I got a 9-5 job except I actually go to work from 8-4:30. XD It's been hard keeping up with school and work. I don't sleep very well and am behind on my work, but the semester ends soon. This coming Tuesday is my last art class. I'm happy for that. The last thing I need to focus after that last class is compiling my English porfolio.

I never got a chance to really continue my fic. I really must do so after all the DBSK drama that happened after I finished it.

My dog Java ran away. =( I was really sad for quite a while. I still miss him sometimes but that dog was the most impossible dog I've ever had. But today Thanxgiving we got a new dog. not that I completely replaced Java; I still miss that retard.

We got a Siberian Husky. When he got home he was so scared but he warmed up to the place. My dad hugged the dog and my mom even pet his head. It's the first time my mom has ever touched a dog. I was surprised when she's so terrified of them. It's been a good thanxgiving. I hope everyone had a good one and didn't eat too much. XDDD I have to go to work tomorrow but that's okay. I don't think work will be that tough since everyone will be too busy buying stuff to be calling into the office.

When the semester's over I'll go back to writing and hopefully I can post my fic in December.

<3 黒姫


Dir en Grey mini post

I need to make like a massive post on the Dir en Grey show but for now I have 2 pix and 1 short 30 sec vid. I was so lucky to have been in front being short and all. I'll upload more vids later. The pix well, I only have 2 that are pretty clear and they're of Kyo only. :/

Pix and vidCollapse )

Went to see Dir en Grey!!!

It was well worth it!  They were so awesome!  Kyo was just -sigh- breath taking!  Took pix with my crappy phone.  Will post later!

Why do I have to find out now?!?!? ;_;

So plan was to go to Oni-con Friday night to see born and Satsuki.  Problem is I can't even buy the one day pass and I'll only be going at night for the concert.  I have no money for merch but I was doing every effort to somehow gather the 21$ that I need.

I've actually been spending time on myspace just for the sole purpose of playing Vampire Wars and I saw the bulletin about Dir en Grey's "All Things Invisible" Tour 09.  I'd seen one of the bulletins before and got excited for the autograph signing but saw that it was only in NYC and saw the 3 shows there and just forgot about it.  Today I decided to see their page and the first stop in the tour is Houston.  I'm like "NO EFFIN WAY!??!!  DEG IS PLAYING 10 MINS AWAY FROM MY FRIGGIN HOUSE!!!"  Then I saw the date: Nov 2.  That's a Monday night.  I have class ;_;   So then I made a list.

2 problems and a good newsCollapse )

I remember reading in omona comments from people doubting that they actually signed 2,000 CDs individually, but as you can tell, they are all individually signed. I bought 3, one for each of my sisters and myself. ^__^ I also really like the remix. It's something I would make the DJ play at a school dance and do the choreography. XDDD It makes people wonder. Now I'm just waiting for the full album. I can't wait! I pre-ordered that same night it was announced for pre-order. LOL Algebra book.  Well, when my sisters get home they'll be surprised. ^_^

Individual pix of each CD plus the CD itselfCollapse )Individual pix of each CD plus the CD itselfCollapse )Individual pix of each CD plus the CD itselfCollapse )Individual pix of each CD plus the CD itselfCollapse )Individual pix of each CD plus the CD itselfCollapse )Individual pix of each CD plus the CD itselfCollapse )Individual pix of each CD plus the CD itselfCollapse )

LJ cut fail DXXXX  Not fixing it! >_<

Last post was about this cute couple on one of the current novelas airing which I'm watching now. XDD Not long after I found Fer and David from the Spanish show Fisica o Quimica (Physics or Chemistry) who are just soooooooooooooo cute and AMAZING as a couple!

So Fer before this storyline came to openly accept he was gay and he struggled a lot with it because of prejudice against him but he had his friends behind him, always supporting him and caring for him. Seriously! His friends are just so EFFIN amazing I wanted to tear up when they all hugged him once and they're both girls and guys. So David comes into the storyline and knows from the start Fer is gay and he's all "Oh okay! It's cool!" just like that. But one time Fer, David and Julio (some other dude) went out and got drunk. Julio was passed out and that's when David kisses Fer, totally shocking him. See clip if you'd like! This clip has Eng subs but the ones below the cut don't.

More clips of the amazing couple's kisses XDDDD Totally fangirling them as I typeCollapse )

So in the end I just fell in love with the entire series and have decided to watch it from the beginning when I have time. I've fallen in love with a lot of the other characters as well and of course I LOVE Fer and David. Even when they're just in the background they look like a legit couple!  The waist grabbing, smiling, kisses, a fangirl couldn't be anymore happy. Move aside Luke and Noah, Fer and David win for most legit couple. <strike>I still love you Nuke, just these guys rock!</strike> And in addition, I'm in love with this song!

Everything else such as school and ESNIM sequelCollapse )


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