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 Kim Heechul a.k.a. Cinderella (most common and pretty much official), Heenim, Princess of China, and Crazy Cat Lady 

Huge picture is huge.

He's not the best singer or dancer, but his dances are ALWAYS epic.

He looks more beautiful than most girls.  He can easily pass as a girl. (A lot of these are photoshopped, but they make a point)

This little kid likes Heechul.

And BEST OF ALL, he kisses BOYS!!!!!!!!

Here he's cheating on Jay with his bandmate.

He got Sungmin! XD

OMG! He got SHISUS!!

His justification for these 3 kisses was the song Michyeo (Crazy) by Lee Jung Hyun which is appropriate for the song since it's about a guy who's secretly seeing another guy and she'd "Rather see him kissing Pikachu than him." XDDD

But then Heenim goes and does this for Super Show II for Ivy's Sonata of Tempation which is pretty much FFVII themed...

Then Shisus returns the favor ;D

Truth is he likes kissing boys.

But there is only one man for Chul. HANGENG. Lived together for 5 yrs and even take pictures together in the shower. XDDD

Hope you enjoy this! There's a LOT more, but I was trying to do this fast. Sorry for taking so long! Enjoy!!!!!!!!



Jun. 9th, 2010 06:09 pm (UTC)
HANCHUL. The only thing I ship more than them is Qmi Shihan or all three of them.

...I...actually don't know that much about Heechul. I kinda started loving him after he defended Zhou Mi and Henry. <3333333333
Jun. 10th, 2010 04:24 pm (UTC)
Haha, that's awesome! Yeah, I wish I'd made a more elaborate post but I was trying to e-mail the link to a co-worker so I just put everything together really quickly. Heechul is THE most amazing guy in kpop IMO. Yes, I love that he defended Mimi and Henry. Everything he does really is actually amazing. He's so out there and that's mainly why I love him. He does his own thing no matter what. If others followed his example it would be amazing, you know, being his quirky self.

Thanx for stopping by my post. ^_^