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[Fic] Remnants of a Ghost (ESNIM Sequel)

Title: Remnants of a Ghost

Author: xkuroxhimex

Rating: NC-17 (might as well be from the start)

Characters: Changmin (main), Kibum, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Heechul, Hankyung, Yoochun, Junsu

Pairings: HaeHyuk, HanChul, YooSu

Length: ?

Genre: Vampire, Fantasy, Romance, Angst


Summary:Ten years after the strange disappearance of JaeJoong and Yunho, Changmin still hasn't been able to forget.  However, he's had ten years to attempt to heal and he's managed to move on with his life now that he's 24 years old and a professional writer.  The other person that still haunts him is Kyuhyun, his first love.  He's had a difficult time coping with his death.  Kibum, his best friend and editor urges him to move on and tries many ways to make him happy.  Will he succeed in healing Changmin's heart or will someone else show up at the scene?


A/N:  I finally decided on a title and made a banner for it.  I no longer have photoshop and GIMP is a pain to use but I learned what I wanted to learn to make this one.  It's  a very simple banner but I hope you guys like it and look forward to the first chapter of the fic soon.  I can't say how soon but I hope to commit to it.  I thought that maybe if I started posting SOMETHING for it I'll get myself to continue with it.  Thank you all who have been waiting paitently.  When I DO post, I hope I will not disappoint and that you guys will like this.  A little bit more about the fic besides what's on the summary: this fic will be Changmin based as you can tell.  It will no longer be posted at the YunJae community because it no longer qualifies to be posted there but it will always be posted on my LJ first and those who belong to HUG______ can find it there as well.  There is so much I've planned for this fic in my head for half a year so look forward to this new story and my new approach to it.  I don't know if I've changed styles of writing but my writing still remains very dialogue heavy so maybe it hasn't changed at all. XD  I know there was someone who wanted a document copy of ESNIM but I haven't had a chance to edit every chapter yet so if I do work on it it will be a while.  There's more I want to add but I can't because they're details to what's to come so I'll just not say anything and end it here.

<3 黒姫


Feb. 2nd, 2010 04:25 am (UTC)
Sighs .___."
Winglin and LJ must hate me right now >_>...
Sorry for the spam bby D;.. but I want to make this a "flawless" comment .__."
But winglin wouldn't post the WHOLE comment up and LJ wouldn't let me change the size .__."

-squishes you tightly<3-
I still can't get Kyuhyunie out of my mind yet D;...
I wonder how they're doing .___."
Awes D;..
GIMP is actually pretty easy O-O;;...
But it still takes me around 2-3 hours making a poster >-<"
Feb. 2nd, 2010 10:23 am (UTC)
Well, I'm so used to photoshop that GIMP is just O.o and I hadn't used it, AT ALL even though I've had it for a while. There are some things I just didn't know but once I found out, I was able to use it. Don't worry about the spamming, glad you tried to make a flawless comment. <3 It might take me a while to post the 1st chapter because I'm going to set up a posting schedule and I didn't want to take SOOO long to post chapters but first I'm going to get my Philosophy exam out of the way and decide what seems reasonable with the allotted writing time I have with work and school. Don't worry though, the fact that I've decided to post a banner and start promoting this is a good sign. ^__^